We were approached by Ayming to find a leader for their R&D Tax Team. Having worked extensively with Ayming, we understood the calibre, complexity and quality of work undertaken and needed to ensure that there was a skill set and cultural fit.


Our mandate was to find a qualified and respected R&D specialist to lead the team; someone who had management and mentoring experience, but also the tenacity to spearhead and develop a business.


We began the search and tailored our market map to suit the mandate. We agreed a plan of action with Ayming and began to approach the market. We utilised our extensive network in addition to traditional headhunting techniques to identify those suitable. We developed a shortlist of individuals and arranged the interviews.


We guided both the candidates and Ayming through the process which ran a smoothly as possible and within 3 months we were at offer stage.


Mark Smith started with Ayming November 2018.